The Thundermaker Exhibit Thundermaker 36 x 48

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The thunder maker is the story of Little Thunder from childhood that he spent with his mother who tells him of stories that are continued from generation to generation and is the thread that ties them together, making every Mi’kmaq aware of their identity and their place in the world. The he spends all his time with his father, learning to become a provider and that someday he will become the Thunder Maker. The Little Thunder graphic novel will be published by Gaspereau Press. The graphic novel will be illustrated on 3′ by 5′ panels that will form a circle. The inner circle will tell the story of Little Thunder’s first years taught by his mother. When the circle is completed, there will be a tent flap. You enter through this doorway and Little Thunder is now being taught by his father, Big Thunder, and panel by panel will tell the story of how Little Thunder learned to become the new Thunder Maker, until you come to a tipi that has the story of Little Thunder and how he made thunder for the first time. Through this final doorway, you’ll be there to witness this event.