The Thundermaker – Book Release – October 2015!

The Thundermaker Book CoverThe Thundermaker Book Panel


Based on Mi’kmaw artist Alan Syliboy’s spectacular mixedmedia exhibit of the same name,
 The  Thundermaker brings to vivid life the story of Little Thunder. Readers will be transported
by Syliboy’s bold, petroglyph inspiredillustrations, as Little  Thunder’s father, Big Thunder, teaches him the important responsibility of making thunder for his people.  As Little Thunder grows, he learns about his Mi’kmaw identity through his father’s teachings and his mother’s traditional stories. When the
day  finally comes, readers will root for him as he takes his journey—with the mischievous
Wolverine— to finally become the Thundermaker. Does Little Thunder have what it takes to
become Big  Thunder?


Book Review

“If you’re looking for a beautiful book to share with a child you love, I recommend this. I would’ve given it to my daugher at 2 for a book to be read cuddled together, and I suspect she’d have enjoyed having it read to her as long as we read aloud together.

The story comes from Mi’kmaw legend and is wonderfully retold by Mi’kmaw artist Alan Syliboy, whose terrific illustrations are on every page. It’s a great story for children, because they learn that they can be powerful – and that with power comes responsibility.

The book is published by Nimbus Publishing, and for those of you who don’t know, their production values are awesome. A glossy bookjacket is wrapped around the laminated boards, and the pages are a pleasure just to touch.”